A downloadable game

A game created at TOJam9 by Jonathan Séguin, Konstantino Kapetaneas, and Rubin Yoo.


Take control of the GODHEAD, a stylish mechanical robot head, as he defends his boss room against hordes of enemy hero wanna-be’s. Use the powerful attacks at GODHEAD’s arsenal and survive as long as you can!



  • WASD or the arrow keys to move your character around
  • Move your cursor to orient which direction your character faces, as well as the direction of your shield
  • Left click to perform a basic attack
    • Shield thrusts towards nearby enemies — costs 1 SP
  • Right click to perform a dash attack
    • The character slams through a series of enemies — costs 3 SP
  • Middle click to perform the final wave attack
    • Shoots projectiles 360 degrees around your character to clear the area — costs 8 SP